Its almost the 4th of July….let the celebrations begin!

The 4th of July is one of the summer’s biggest….scratch that…. IS the summer’s biggest celebration for most. Let’s not forget that the sole purpose of this holiday is that  it marks the birth of the United States of America and the dream of a nation under God, with unalienable rights endowed equally to all — among these life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Those very words should send awe-filled shivers up your spine as it does ours.  So let’s also remember this holiday is a time for all of us who really cherish that original dream, the one for which so many have died, to individually and collectively honor those who serve or have served our country to allow us these celebrations!

On a personal level, if you are still in pursuit of finding that happy and financially rewarding career, Globally Preferred is here to help you.  Feeling your best isn’t always about what you put on or look like on the outside, it’s about how you feel about what you do every day to make a living in this wonderful free country of ours.   Whether you want to add a little something extra on the side or if you are ready to make the plunge and be self-employed in one of the most exciting, rapidly growing industries today, we have options for you.  Some of these options involve 1 day workshops to learn the art of offering lash extensions or 4-5 day classes for permanent makeup.  If sales is your passion, there is always the option of joining our networking team of individuals who are offering life changing opportunities while sharing the best skin care line for anti-aging to your friends and family.  All of these business opportunities have huge income potentials on either a part time or full time basis with very little financial investment.

So while you’re online looking for something to wear for this holiday weekend, be sure to check us out at Globally  We also offer a wide variety of services to help you rock your beauty while swimming, boating or just sweating from hanging out in the hot, humid weather.  Whether you’re looking to have long luscious lashes (without mascara) or brows, eyeliner and tinted lips that won’t melt off we have something for you.  From lash extensions, anti-aging procedures to getting your brows, eyeliner and/or lips tattooed you can look your best during the festivities!  We are located in Evansville just minutes to Madison, and Janesville, WI.

Permanent Makeup is the Perfect Fit for Beauty Trends

Long-lasting makeup is the leading new trend in the cosmetics industry, according to Mintel, a global leader in marketing research. In a recent study reported on Professional Beauty, Mintel found that nearly half of all new cosmetics products launched this year feature durable, long-lasting color. The trend should have more women considering permanent makeup which far outlasts any long-lasting cosmetic on the market.

Offering the ultimate in beautiful, long-lasting color, artistically-applied permanent eyebrows, permanent eye liner, permanent lip color and permanent full face makeup cut time spent on makeup application to the barest minimum. Just cleanse, moisturize and you’re out the door!

“As well as fitting with the time pressures of modern life, color cosmetics with long-lasting claims appeal to value-seeking consumers,” Mintel household and personal care analyst Charlotte Libby told Professional Beauty. As Charlotte pointed out, makeup products that require less frequent application last longer, giving consumers greater value for their money.

The trend is particularly noticeable in face and eye makeup which lead the cosmetics industry in emphasis on long-lasting products. According to Mintel, 55% of new face makeup and 52% of new eye makeup claim to be long lasting.

A second leading trend toward multi-purpose cosmetics reflects the desire of time-strapped women to spend less time and money on their makeup routine. The trend is obvious in the recent proliferation of cosmetics products that fulfill more than one function, such as primers and foundations that include a moisturizer and sunscreen.

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Permanent Makeup, Is it the new beauty trend for 2014?

Imagine you went to bed with your makeup on. Now picture the next morning and you can skip adding a drop of lipstick or an ounce of eyeliner and mascara to your face. You could sleep in and pop outta bed ready for the day with your makeup perfectly in place. Sound like every beauty junkie’s fantasy? Well this life could be yours thanks to the art of permanent makeup.

Got a favorite color or signature makeup look? Permanent makeup could mean never having to part with your favorite shades ever again. Very similar to tattooing, the procedure involves a needle penetrating the top layers of skin to add a permanent pigmentation of dye color to lips, eyelids, even cheeks. With this procedure, beauty is truly skin deep.

With the obvious benefits of makeup you’ll never have to wash off or reapply ever again, many women have flocked to get the treatment done. Popular treatments include eyeliner, eyebrows, and lipstick. Women have the choice between a variety of shades, which take about three weeks or so after the process to heal to the desired color. In a world of busy multitasking women, could this be the answer to looking your best in no time flat? Many happy customers say yes!

But as the numbers have surged, so too have the amount of sub par professionals who have helped to exacerbate the potential risks. The New York Times feature on the procedure reports issues of reused needles causing infections such as hepatitis, strep, and adverse reactions to the makeup dye. “We see thousands of faces being destroyed by people who don’t get trained properly.”  As the owner of a training school for permanent cosmetics, I’d say 60 percent of my business is fixing mistakes. Ouch!

So before going under the needle, there are definitely some things to consider. First, find a physician officially licensed with the Board of Health. Next, do your homework and ask to speak with previous patients and to see their results. Remember this is your face were talking about here.
And just as important, consider the commitment. Makeup is great, but there is something to be said for the beauty of skin in all its natural and imperfect glory. Plus, with the recent minimal makeup and nude trends, do you love a certain shade of lipstick or eyeliner style so much that you would sacrifice trying others? If you do opt for the tattooed route, do avoid applying fads that will come and go, leaving you in the dated trend dust. When in doubt, keep it classic….and safe!
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The “No Makeup Look” a new trend?

Hello again everyone, I wanted to share with you some thoughts around one of the latest trends in the Beauty industry.  I came across an article a few weeks ago in the New York Times Fashion & Style section (May 7th), “Beauty Unmasked for All to See — No-Makeup Look As a New Beauty Standard”.

It talks about the “no-makeup look as the new beauty standard” and raised the question of whether going bare-faced makes you more confident and authentic.  Well, it might, especially for those referenced in the article like Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Most seemed to be under 30 with pretty terrific looking skin, lush brows and lashes, and naturally rosy lips and cheeks.

As I read this article, someone who would never walk out of the house without some makeup, I realized this trend falls in line with what Beauty EverLasting preaches.

The key to wearing makeup is this: Less Is More.

It’s not about hiding our imperfections, but enhancing our natural beauty.   Just a little bit of lipstick or blush can make any woman feel prettier, which in turn, makes us feel more confident.

PC picThat’s why I think permanent makeup falls right in line with this so called “new trend”.  When someone comes to me wanting permanent cosmetics, I look at their complete picture.  Their face, their smile, their symmetry and take that and provide them with enough makeup to bring out their own natural beauty.  You would be amazed at how just a tweak to your eyebrow shape or alignment of your lips will bring out a new you.   You can also add to that some natural coloring to bring out your best features.  You’ll love this look and you will end up falling right in line with this trend, “the no-makeup look”.

The beauty of this is once its done, you won’t need to put on makeup every day. Granted over time, permanent makeup fades but you can always comeback for a touch up.

Beauty trends will come and go.  But as women, whatever our age, we will always wear makeup in a way that will make us feel pretty and confident to face the world.   So if you have any questions on this give me a call.


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